uk allen bradley plc programmer
UK Allen Bradley PLC Programmers

Allen Bradley PLC Programming Experts

We program, configure, commission and integrate all and any Allen Bradley PLC and HMI’s. All code is well documented, commented and written using optimised methods to ensure your process is running as efficiently as possible.  No job is too complex and no job is too small.

We have experience and knowledge with all Allen Bradley PLC’s, which include but are not limited to; Allen Bradley FlexLogix, Allen Bradley MicroLogix, Allen Bradley ControlLogix, Allen Bradley GuardLogix, Allen Bradley PLC5, Allen Bradley Compact.

What We Do
  • RSLogix
  • Studio 5000
  • Factory Talk View
  • PackML
  • Panelview Plus
  • Rockwell Automation HMI
  • Factory Talk View (Site Edition) SCADA
  • Weintek

We are comfortable in any industry and have worked across all sectors, this includes but is not limited to food production, packaging, spooling, warehouse management, mailing, printing, aluminium melting/extrustion, paint lines, chemical, cosmetics, defense, electronics, telecommunications, textiles, tobacco, transportation.

If you’re looking for a UK Allen Bradley PLC Programmer, then you’ve found the right place!