How Automation Has Changed Manufacturing

How Automation Has Changed Manufacturing There are two ways to look at automation in the manufacturing industry — either you think it’s fantastic, or you hate it for taking away people’s jobs. But, like it or not, automation has already changed how manufacturers think and work. If you’re not privy to all the ins and outs of the manufacturing world,…

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: Everything You Need to Know Over recent years, there has been a clear change in how manufacturing processes work. In short, they are all about digitization.  This transformation has been so significant and meaningful that it has been dubbed “Industry 4.0”. It’s the fourth revolution that the manufacturing sector has seen and ultimately, it’s the most exciting. So,…

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TIA Portal v13 to v15.1 Upgrade

This tutorial is how to upgrade an older TIA Portal project to a newer version of TIA Portal, in this example we will be upgrading a project which was created in Siemens TIA Portal V13 and upgrading it to version v15.1. Open the project as normal, the .apxx file, in our example here we are converting an .ap13 file. This...
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